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Mulberry leaves are some of the best foods that proves beneficial to health. Benefits are due to its dense nutrient content like, Vitamins such as Vitamin A, B1, B2; minerals such as Magnesium , Zinc, Iron and Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. That is the reason why nutrients from mulberries are widely used in health cuisine and herbal medicine for health and functioning of the body system.
Mulberry leaves Tantora uses as raw material are from organic mulberry trees. These mulberry leaves are grown as food for silkworms in Thailand. Tantora’s leave are hygienic and free of chemical residues, thus, very good food for dwarf shrimps.
Natural food for all Dwarf Shrimps
High Minerals, Fiber and Vitamins.
Helps to built Shrimp shell.
Aids the molting process.
Nutrient analysis:
Protein 22.60%
Carbohydrate 42.25%
Fat 4.57%
Fiber 24.23%

Usage Instructions
1.Boil mulberry leaves in hot water for 5-10 minute. Let them cool.
2.Put into the fish tank as food for shrimps.
3.Replace mulberry leaves once they are completely eaten.

Tantora Leaf series review:


vince p.
I feed my shrimps mulberry leaves once a week.
Brian D.
Awesome product!
Very popular with my shrimp I started out with one package to try in my crystal red tanks, and based on how well they took to it, I ordered additional packages for all of my tanks. My crystals come to a new leaf right away, and groups of them graze on it constantly until it is gone. In my neo tanks, the reaction to a new leaf is a little slower, but they will also graze on it until completely gone - stem and all. I also like that I see all sizes of shrimp feeding on it from baby shrimp to adults. The leaves are packaged very well and vary in size. After boiling them, the smaller ones I drop in whole, while the larger ones I cut in half and split between two tanks. Depending on the number of shrimp in your tank, I find that a leaf will last from about 1 day in a heavily stocked tank to 3-4 days in a more lightly stocked tank. The leaves are very clean, and after being boiled, do not discolor the tank water at all. I treat these as a supplement to my normal feeding regiment; however, I think they would also work well as vacation food option. You could pre-boil them and then have someone add them to your tank without worry of your shrimp being overfed like with other food options. I am definitely glad I tried them, and will now be using them as a staple part of my shrimp's diet.
Your shrimp will tear this stuff apart A great natural food for your shrimp. You can't go wrong with these leaves!
Kelly K
Shrimp Love them I never really noticed my shrimp attracted to almond leaves. These things really attract them. All the shrimp love to munch on these leaves, and they start before the leaves even sink all the way.
The a.
Mulberry leaves are a great food for shrimp. They deliver lots of vitamins, including calcium. Tantora and discobee only have the highest quality.
Jill W.
These are the best! All of my aquatic animals love Mulberry leaves.

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