Tantora B-Leaves

$ 14.99

  • Formulated for freshwater dwarf shrimp
  • 15 select veggies
  • Sinking pellets for easy portioning and feeding
  • Added minerals & vitamins

Tantora B-Leaves (35 g) are specially formulated food for freshwater dwarf shrimp. The food is composed of pelletized all natural ingredients: moringa leaves, papaya leaves, amaranth leaves, ivy gourd leaves, vitamins, mulberry leaves, noni leaves, ginkgo leaves, catappa leaves, guava leaves, gotu kola leaves, miracle grass, spirulina, cinnamon, bee pollen, wheat germ, soy bean, kale, betta glucan, montmorillonite, and shrimp meal.

Carl J.
Revived a sample of this product with an order. The shrimp go wild for this stuff and devour it rapidly. Next order I'll definitely be getting a package.

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