Tantora Amaranth Leaves

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Highly nutritious shrimp food, grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers. 

Hand picked from Tantora's organic farm.

Absolutely shrimp safe and shrimp love it.

20pc per bag


amaranth aka chinese spinach

A must have shrimp food!!! One of the best foods to have in you rotation. Shrimp devour these leaves. I mean they go nut For them. Improves exoskeleton and promotes good molting.
Shrimps approved Great product by far. Shrimps are sharing no mercy on these leaves. Need to order some more to make sure I do not run out....Shrimps don't lie ;)
Kelly K
Shrimp magnents My shrimp adore these. As soon as they hit the water shrimp come running. I will definitely be putting these into my leaf selection on a permanent basis for my shrimp.

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