SL-Aqua TM-1

$ 17.50


TM-1 Nutrient Solution is a complex nutrient solution, includes a variety of rich trace elements (Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, and others) Improves shrimp immunity, increases spawning, greater growth, stronger color, and also increases the ability of plants to absorb nutrients.
TM-1 Nutrient Solution is the best nutritional source for your aquatic organisms, makes them stronger, healthier and beautiful!

*500ml does not come in pump bottle.

Robin S.
Excellent product! Fast shipping! Reasonable prices! Will order again!
Edmond F.
Great product, I swear by this stuff. Since using it I have had better shrimp mortality, health and colors. Trace minerals are very important and sometimes overlooked.
Sue V.
This product is one hit wonder for me as I use it for some of my plants and shrimp tank. I've only try this product so far as for my planted tanks and it helps make my plants grow lush and green.
Jacob T.
I'll say that this product has been pivotal in keeping my shrimps healthy. I haven't had any shrimp death after using this product regularly, something I have never been able to say!

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