SL-Aqua Shrimp Tank Plant Fertilizer

Please note, SL-Aqua is no longer available for retail from DiscoBee.  Please check "Where to buy SL-Aqua in North America." for retail locations. 

Bing Tsau Aquarium Plant Fertilizer designed for Shrimp Tanks.

Specifically, design for aquarium plants in shrimp tanks. Contains major nutrients and potassium, which can improve the photosynthetic efficiency and root development. Plants can easily directly absorbed and utilized these nutrients.  Accelerates growth and promotes good root development. Without any adverse effect on the shrimp. 

Bing Tsau Aquarium Plant Fertilizer designed for Shrimp Tanks, will keep your plants lush and colorful!

1.  Highly concentrated, less is needed, but the effect large.
2.  Very safe, high stability, long-term preservation.
3.  Easily absorbed by plants with a long-term nature in the water.
4.  Contains a variety of special nutritional formulations for accelerating the assimilation of nutrients, and no adverse effects on the shrimp.

Add ~2ml (1 pump) per 10 liters every 2-3 days for heavily planted shrimp tanks.  Adjust up or down depending on the number of plants. 

Calcium, Magnesium, Multi-nutrients, Trace Elements

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