SL-Aqua Red Wizard

$ 16.99

SL-Aqua "Red" Wizard Water Conditioner offers aquatic animals essential minerals to aid in thick shell growth, strong pigmentation, and greater survival rate. "Red" Wizard is tailored for Neocaridina and Tiger shrimp higher PH and GH requirements. 

Passes strict SGS testing to ensure comprised of only the highest quality components.  Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, and other quality minerals.

"Red" Wizard has all the essential trace minerals required for a healthy, balanced shrimp tank that allows them to molt and grow without complications. Both the 250ml and 500ml have a pump for easy dosing. Some of the biggest advantages of liquid mineralizers over powder mineralizers is that in liquid form is much easier to dose, mixes into the water almost instantly, this aids in avoiding small pockets of concentrated minerals and much more consistent results You do not need to age the mineralized water with "Red" Wizard, because it will cause an immediate change in PH and GH.

Usage: 1 pump per 1 Liter of RO = GH 7, KH 0, TDS ~280

Red Wizard Test

KH instructions. 

To raise your KH use dry Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)

BulkReefSupply alkalinity calculator


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