SL-Aqua Nature Soil

$ 40.00

The #1 selling and preferred buffering soil designed for shrimp and plants in the USA!

*SL-Aqua Nature Soil includes FREE SHIPPING!!!*  
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SL-Aqua Nature Soil from Japan is made from the highest quality natural soil, sintered into a porous and granular structure that helps maintain a stable, healthy, and clear water for a long period of time. This product contains organic acids and multi-nutrient fertilizers, which can bring the pH and KH level down when using RO water.

Designed for usage with 0-1kh water.  This is why RO water is recommended.


Grain Sizes available:

1. Do not rinse or wash before using.
2. Spread this product at the bottom of the tank and level the surface carefully.
3. Fill the tank slowly and disperse water to avoid disturbing the substrate.

Recommended amounts using 1.5" soil depth.
Standard 10 Gallon tank: 4 - 6 Liters of soil(1 Bag)
Standard 20 Gallon tank: 8 - 10 Liters of soil(1 - 2 Bags)
20 Gallon Long: 9 - 11 Liters of soil (2 Bags)
40 Gallon Breeder 16 - 20 Liters of soil (2 - 3 Bags)
*For Planted or Scapped tanks we recommend slightly more for plant roots.



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