SL-Aqua M.O.R.E Veggie

$ 10.99

SL-Aqua M.O.R.E Veggie.

Discobee shrimp LOVE M.O.R.E Veggie. In the videos below notice how the food holds its shape and does not get soft and spread all over your substrate. This is a very important quality you should look for in high quality foods, don't settle for anything but the highest quality to ensure success! 

Contains a variety of nutrients for shrimp growth. Does not easily dissolve and will not pollute the water. This is a complete shrimp food based on natural ingredients with a heavy focus on very popular shrimp food and treats like mulberry, spinach, pumpkin and kelp. It contains Astaxanthin as well, which has a direct impact on colouration of your shrimp. Not every shrimp food has this.

Characteristics :
1. Easily sinks to the bottom of the tank. High nutritional ingredients and well balanced. 
2. Enhanced resistance against disease thus increasing shrimp survival rates. Increases growth rate.  
3. Natural ingredients, no chemical additives.. 
Contains: Wheat Protein, Maize, Soybean, Pumpkin, Kelp, Astaxanthin, Spinach, Chlorella, Spirulina, Yeast, Amino Acids, Trace Minerals and Vitamins. 100% GMO Free
Great stuff I agree with R. Scott below. Break it up into smaller pieces. The stuff doesn't dissolve, lasts forever, and the shrimp love it. I also bought the meat version and it's just as popular.
R. Scott Page
Stays together - doesn't decay This is rapidly becoming my go to food for shrimp grazing largely because I don't think you can overfeed with the M.O.R.E. feeds. They hold their form for days! I think it's best to break the pieces into much smaller pieces and feed in a glass dish so you can keep track of the food. Smaller pieces will allow the shrimp to gather around several feeding stations and reduces the change of smaller shrimp getting trampled or accidentally(?) eaten in the frenzy.
Elizabeth A.
I couldn't believe how my shrimp went crazy for this! It doesn't fall apart in water, so it allows them to really chew at it, for lack of a better word, and that means no waste.
Carl J.
Sunday night is veggies and they sure show up for this food. Half of the time they catch it and run off as it sinks. Doesn't break down super fast so if you've got a small colony and concerned with overfeeding it's easy to find and remove what they don't finish.
John E.
My shrimp are absolutely in love with the SL-Aqua line of food. Between the MORE Veggie, MORE Meat, and the baby food, they could not be happier! All one has to do is look at the picture featuring this food to see the results. It is like they are possessed by a food deity! Great products across the entire line.

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