SL-Aqua M.O.R.E. Meat

$ 10.99

SL-Aqua M.O.R.E. Meat

Discobee shrimp go crazy for M.O.R.E. Meat. Like all other SL-Aqua MORE foods you'll notice how the food holds its shape and does not get soft and spread all over your substrate. This is a very important quality you should look for in high quality foods, don't settle for anything but the highest quality to ensure success!

This food contains a lot of meat and protein. Shrimp go absolutely crazy over this food, as with most feeds that include meat. It takes seconds for shrimp to swarm this type of food.

Characteristics :
1. Easily sinks to the bottom of the tank. High nutritional ingredients and well balanced. 
2. Enhanced resistance against disease thus increasing shrimp survival rates. Increases growth rate.  
3. Natural ingredients, no chemical additives..
Contains: Shrimp wholemeal, Wheat Protein, Palm Oil, Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs, Fish, Fish Oil, Scallops, Cuttlefish, Phospholipids, Minerals and Vitamins. 100% GMO Free
Carl J.
Just as amazing as the other SL Aqua more products, was looking to increase protein for my berried females. Did exactly that and they found it irresistible even being greedy and trying to run off with the little bits I offered. It holds together really well and is easy to cut with a razor blade for smaller portions.
R. Scott Page
My shrimp's favorite I worry about the ingredient "animal protein" as a very ambiguous ingredient - however my shrimp can't read and they just go wild for the stuff.
They love this stuff. My shrimp love this. It's hard, and doesn't dissolve and pollute the water easily. I also bought the veggie version, and it's just as popular.
Amy L.
Both the shrimp and dwarf crayfish love this food.
Sue V.
My shrimps love this product, my CRS and Yellow Neo goes crazy over this when I feed them.
Andrew W.
My shrimp go nuts for this stuff. I feed this as part of my shrimps staple diet once a week. It holds together well and doesn't make a mess like some foods do.

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