SL-Aqua KH Builder

$ 8.50

SL-Aqua KH Builder is the perfect compliment to SL-Aqua Blue Wizard (GH) for those who also want to keep shrimp which require low amounts of KH.  

KH Builder contains high quality minerals and electrolytes that can prevent PH from dropping or changing sharply. The minerals in water play important role in osmotic pressure maintenance, pigment fixing and hormone excretion. Calcium is an essential component of exoskeleton, Magnesium is activator of metabolism, Sodium and Potassium maintain osmotic pressure.This product contains an unique formula which can reduce the oscillation during changing water. The high quality minerals and electrolytes can prevent the PH dropping or changing sharply.Various essential minerals will help shrimp molting and improve metabolism. High quality trace elements can increase pigmentation, which will brighten the color and improve the survival rate.


Please measure the KH value in tank before using.

2mL in 10 Liters of water will raise 2°dH.

Capful = 10mL.

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