SL-Aqua Baby Food - 40g

$ 14.99

Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, with additional algae,
chitin and unsaturated fatty acids, to promote shrimp growth, color and breeding.
100% GMO Free
1. Enhanced resistance against disease hence increase juvenile survival rates. 2. Increase the growth rate.
3. High nutritional ingredients and well balanced.
4. Natural ingredients, no chemical additives.
Content :
Soybean meal, wheat germ, spirulina, vitamins, amino acids and trace
1. Take an appropriate amount with a teaspoon, evenly sprinkle on the
water, 2-3 times daily. (Finish eating within 1-2 hours )
2. When the number of shrimp is greater, can increase the amount of food.


Robin S.
Excellent product! Fast shipping! Reasonable prices! Will order again!
Carl J.
Purchased this product around June as I didn't like my other powder baby type food. Have seen a noticble increase in survival since I started feeding this twice a week. Works best for me to mix with a little tank water before adding or it floats off everywhere and takes a while to sink.
John E.
I have been using the SL-Aqua line of products extensively for the past two months, and I must say I love it and my shrimp do too. The powdered baby food is of excellent quality and i have seen an increase in the survival numbers of my fry. I would not hesitate one second to recommend the SL-Aqua line of food and products. Every one I have used has been of excellent value and qulity.
Andrew W.
I've been using this for a couple of years now. It's great for babies and adults. A little goes a long way with this stuff.

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