Shrimp iBron - Incubator Egg Tumbler

$ 19.00 $ 20.00

This is one of the best shrimp egg incubators available for your shrimp.  

It rarely happens, but when it does this is a must have as part of your standard shrimp keeping equipment.  If a berried female shrimp dies, their molt has eggs attached, or if they drop their eggs this incubator will help you rescue them!

The egg incubator is made from very strong plastic, unlike the glass ones which can easily break during usage. Includes a small LED spoon which aids in removing the eggs from the shrimp/molt.

Adding tank water to the spoon keeps the eggs you rescue from drying out while you remove others and set up the incubator.  The 3-way inline air valve allows you to adjust the air pressure for precise control. 

*The 3-way air valve iBron comes with is designed to be permanently mounted inline.  Discobee is the only store to also include an additional 2-way air valve for those that don't want to permanently cut a pre-existing airline. 


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