Shrimp Basket

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Discobee just received a new and improved version!  Upgrades include; bigger suction cup, better netting, larger size. Overall a huge upgrade with no price change.

All Shrimp Basket orders going forward will receive the new improved version!

Shrimp Baskets are designed for being a great feeding place, it really helps to control food from being wasted into your soil. Also provides plenty of feeding opportunities for your shrimp who can even feed from the underside of the netting. 

DiscoBee has been using these shrimp baskets for years now with great success. All our shrimp have learned this is where to find their treats!




Val Bakken
LOVE these! I use a large diameter substrate in one of my shrimp tanks. This of course causes the food to slip down between. These shrimp nets are great for keeping the food up in one spot making it easy to refill or remove uneaten food. I'll be ordering more for my other shrimp tanks.
mike s.
I was optimistic about the shrimp feeding net. Once I got it and feed my shrimp they flocked to the food less mess and it's cool to watch them eat now.