DiscoBasics - Muyu Mineral Balls - 10mm (small)

$ 0.60

Recommended Usage:  1 Mineral Ball Per Gallon.

These Mineral Balls contain over 20 different minerals and trace elements that are given off continuously over a long period of time. This allows for easier molting of dwarf shrimp and supports /promotes biofauna considerably. These balls can act as filter medium for filter bacteria as well. They will increase the mineral content of your water over time, this is a slow process and will only influence hardness and TDS over a longer period of time.


     Provides a safe molting for dwarf shrimp
     Supports whole biofauna
     Improves the colour of shrimp
     Significantly increased survival of newly hatched shrimp babies

Carl J.
Wanted to get a picture of these up here, look great and the shrimp quickly inspected them. Looking forward to the long term benefits from these and the tourmaline balls.
Shelby L.
I'm not an expert on mineral or even 100% sure how these balls work. However, I do know that I have a happy, healthy, well balanced shrimp tank full of constantly breeding shrimp. I love my shrimp and I love breeding them and sharing them with others who are fascinated with shrimp also. I'd much rather have the peace of mind knowing I spent a few measly dollars on a mineral product and have done everything in my power to make sure that my shrimp tank is as healthy as it can be...even if I admittedly don't know exactly how this stuff works....I'd buy it again and will when set up my next shrimp tank.

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