MK-BREED Z-Silver Powder

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MK-BREED Z-Silver Powder

Product Features
1. MK-BREED Z Fortified Nitrifying Bacteria and Probiotic removes ammonia, NO2, NO3, and other toxic elements from tank water, it also breaks down organic matters in water such as leftover food and fish/shrimp feces.
2. With this product, the biological filtration can starts as early as within the first 36 hours in a new tank, it greatly reduces the time required to establish the nitrifying system.
3. This product helps the good plankton to multiply in tank water, stabilizes algae growth, and establishes the beneficial bacteria and microorganism in aquarium environment.
4. This product reduces the B.O.D. (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) in tank, increases dissolved oxygen level in water.
5. This product prevents algae boom, and replenishes lost beneficial bacteria.
6. This product prevents substrate acidification and breaks down organic matters in your substrate, it further maximizes substrate lifespan.
7. This product can be use for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Product Instructions
1. Take some water from tank with a small container, add this product in the container. Stir quickly to mix the powder completely into water. This helps to activate the dormant state bacteria in this product. Then pour into tank. Alternatively, you can spread the powder evenly in tank and increase the aeration.
2. One bottle of this product can be used for 300 liters (~80 gallons) of water.
3. To help the bacteria reproduction, please maintain at least 2ppm of dissolved oxygen.

Main Effectiveness
1. Increase immunity to Aeromonas hydrophila.
2. Increase survival rate of shrimps in early stages.
3. Increase survival rate after Vibrio infection.
4. Reduce the strength and fatality of Vibrio.
5. Maintain the superiority of beneficial bacteria, also maintain proper algae and microorganism growth.

Nitrobacter , Nitrifying bacteria , Bacillus Subtitis Natto , Lactobacillus Faecalis , Photosynthetic Bacteria and etc ,Lactobacillus, Yeast, Bacillus natto, Bacillus microorganisms in a variety of beneficial bacteria.

1. Do not use antibiotics or chemicals 5-7 days before and after the use of this product.
2. Seal this product properly while stored in cool and dry places.
3. It is recommended to finish the whole bottle in one application after it is opened.

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