MK-BREED Shrimp Baby Food

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MK-BREED Shrimp Baby Food

Product Features
This product contains a variety of grain products, seaweed, spirulina, Lecithin, amino acid, and multi-vitamins and is made into very fine powder with high palatability. Specifically designed for baby shrimps, this product helps the nutrient intake and provides a balanced nutrition for baby shrimps’ need.

Feeding Instructions
This product is made of natural ingredients and contains no artificial additives, it does not pollute the water. One to two flat spoons per day per 60cm tank is recommended, you can adjust the amount by the number of shrimps in tank.

This product is used for ornamental shrimps; please do not overfeed to avoid wasting. Make sure zip lock is sealed properly after each use to avoid moisture. Store in cool place without direct sunlight, you can also store in refrigerator to keep it fresh. Finish the product within one year from the date the package is opened.

Guaranteed Analysis
Protein 50% minimum
Crude Fat 7% minimum
Crude Fiber 12% maximum
Ash 8% maximum
Moisture 2% maximum

Carl J.
This stuff is great, not only the babies come out when he tank gets dose but soon after its on the waters surface (before I mix it in) the juvenile shrimp skim the surface for it. I do feed some other powders but I like having a rotation and this is a must have powdered food for me! Discobee is where it's at!

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