MK-BREED Golden Powder

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MK-BREED Golden Powder

Product Features
1.This is Microorganism Fermentation item, and it has enzyme effect. This item will help Red Bee Shrimp to digest and absorb the nutrient.
2.Contain with high unit of vitamins, minerals, amino acid, and chitin to maintain the entire digestive system.
3.Increase the larva and adult shrimp to cast the shell.
4.Improve the immunity and cell activation to prevent any disease and raise the resistance.
5.Increase probiotics, alga stabilization, steady the water quality, decompose the organic materials in water tank, and decrease the ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, nitrous acid and additional harmful gas. Reduce the mud and extend the using time of black soil.
6.Effectively help the larva to grow up rapidly. Provide sustenance to the larva needed.

To quickly to improve the water quality, dose once a week with 1 standard spoon.
Daily use, once every 2 weeks with 1 standard spoon.

lactic acid bacteria, yeast, Bacillus subtilis, grass bacillus, chitin, vitamins, minerals, and amino acid.

Do not over feeding and avoid unnecessary waste
After using, please close the zip properly and to avoid the moisture.

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