MK-BREED Black Diamond

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MK-BREED Black Diamond

Product Speciality:
This product is specially designed for Taiwan bees with black and/or blue colors. In addition to high and complete nutrition value, various special mineral and vitamins are added to the product to enhance the black and blue color pigmentation. It also improves overall growth and ovary development. It contains many types of vitamins, amino acid, high unit of astaxanthin, seaweed, organic spinach, soybean protein, various minerals, added calcium, probiotics, brewers’ yeast, and chitin. It improves digestive system efficiency and internal probiotic environment. This product effectively boosts immunity system and increases survival rate. The ingredients are made into very fine particles before processing, this enables both adult and baby shrimps to feed on this product. This product has high palatability, and is efficiently absorbed by shrimps of various stages. No artificial food flavoring is added to this product.

Feeding Instructions
Feed proper amount daily, three to four times a week. Use other MK-Breed shrimp food for the rest of the week to achieve a balance and comprehensive nutrient intake for shrimps.
• This product contains only natural ingredients and no artificial additive. Special processing is done to minimize water pollution.
This product is used for ornamental shrimps; please do not overfeed to avoid wasting. Make sure zip lock is sealed properly after each use to avoid moisture. Store in cool place without direct sunlight, you can also store in refrigerator to keep it fresh. Finish the product within one year from the date the package is opened.

Guaranteed Analysis
Protein 45% minimum
Crude Fat 7% minimum
Crude Fiber 18% maximum
Ash 8% maximum
Moisture 5% maximum

Douglas P.
I've had this food for a few weeks.Fed to my shadow panda,and some like it and some ignored food.Overall probally good supplemental food.
Steve B.
I used this with my pandas and pbl. They got it 2 times a week every week. They all seemed to eat it and so well with it.

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