Lowkeys Super Zeolite Slab

$ 17.99

Lowkeys Super Zeolite Slab! Improves water quality with powerful ammonia adsorption !! Special processing method, with large surface area to speed removal of the harmful ammonia. Porous material also enables biological filtration by allowing nitrifying bacteria to colonize inside the board. Adsorption of harmful substances such as ammonia, nitrous acid, heavy metal and magnesium from the tap water, making it safe for shrimp keeping. It purifies water quality and controlling the occurrence of the pathogenic bacteria and the algae. It also contains important natural mineral that releases gradually into the aquarium.

 Additional benefit - biofilm will start to grow on the surface and shrimp seem to be drawn to hang out on it.  

*Please be careful of damage due to strong shock such as dropping. Still works even if cracked.

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