Lowkeys Ebi Supple - 30g

$ 17.99

Ebi Supple provides a well balanced meal, suitable as an every day food. What that means is that your shrimp will get what they need in nutrition and minerals. Ebi Supple gives them a boost in health and growth of your shrimps. A true TOP QUALITY feed!

This food was made to collapse with a purpose. Younger shrimp have a harder time getting to the hard pellet food swarmed by adult shrimp, so this gently breaks apart and spreads out so everyone can share some of the goodness.

Feeding Directions:

This can be safely used everyday as staple but always better to rotate food to promote growth.


Kale, seaweed powder, kelp, brewer’s yeast, brown rice germination yeast, asparagus yeast

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