Lowkeys Double Speed - 50ml

$ 16.50

Lowkeys Double Speed is designed to accelerate the growth rate of baby and juvenile dwarf shrimp.  

Directions: use small amount several times a day to increase growth rate.


mara n.
Amazing! They go crazy about it! And they been growing faster! I'm very happy with this product:) A++++
vince p.
Just started using this product. Shrimps love it.
Carl J.
Drastic improvement in survival rate and growth speed ever since I started feeding this. PRL are booming! And the neos respond equally as well. Once it's in the water they are out searching right away! Grabbing up the little bits, it has a pretty strong smell to it so it's not surprising how quickly they show up in numbers from all of their secret hidden grazing spots. Definitely ordering more of this ASAP
Mark b.
all the shrimp regardless what age goes nuts once the DP is added into the water column. Definitely found another favorite product that is a must have
Frank P.
My Shrimp love this food. Seems to help them grow quicker.
Raymond M.
Great baby shrimp food.
Colin L.
Great communication by Erik Martens, was willing and able to work around my shipping schedule. I don't have any newborns in my tank, but my OEBT and RCS juvies seem to really enjoy the product.
Christopher C.
Arrived very quickly (3 days), got some great wafer & stick samples included. Shrimp love the food, already seeing some results! Thanks Eric!
Stephan B.
Is a great product to feed baby shrimp. It.also helps spark growth in young shrimp.

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