L'Bee Bacter'Bee - 40g

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Bacter'Bee, the "must have" product if you need to dramatically increase your chances of survival with juvenile shrimp or simply keep your adult shrimp in perfect health. Bacter'Bee is an additive that greatly favors the development of microflora, beneficial fauna and aid the growth of the biofilm which is a rich food source for juvenile. Just sprinkle a small amount (see dosage) of Bacter'Bee on the surface of water to activate the useful microorganisms such as probiotic bacteria, which greatly aid in digestion. The powder also contains amino acids and essential enzymes that act to improve the water quality. The different strains of bacteria present in Bacter'Bee are at the stage of "sleep." They resume "life" during the introduction into the aquatic environment.

Composition: Amino Acids, Beta Glucan, Enzymes, Probiotics bacteria.


Dosage for approx 15G tank.

In a sparsely populated tank: ½ measuring spoon every few days.

In a moderately populated tank: 1 measuring spoon every other day.

In a densely populated tank: 1 measuring spoon every day.

During the first week, it is recommended to divide the dose by 2. 

Measuring spoon included in the container.

40 gram bottle