DiscoBasics - Japanese Tourmaline Mineral Balls - 10mm (small)

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Recommended Usage:  1 Mineral Ball Per Gallon.

These True Japanese Tourmaline Mineral Balls contain over 30 different minerals that are given off continuously over a long period of time. This allows for easier molting of dwarf shrimp and supports / promotes biofauna considerably

Furthermore, the mineral Balls absorb various harmful by-products during in the mineralization of organic substances (eg food, decomposing foliage of plants). These balls can act as filter medium for filter bacteria as well. They will increase the mineral content of your water over time, this is a slow process and will only influence hardness and TDS over a longer period of time.

These balls are made of tourmaline and active carbon.


     Provides a safe molting for dwarf shrimp
     Supports whole biofauna
     Absorbs pollutants
     Improves the colour of shrimp
     Significantly increased survival of newly hatched shrimp babies
     Reduces the formation of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) in newly started aquariums

Cheap for a little peace of mind I bought a few to throw in my nano tank. Just a bit of peace of mind to know the shrimp are getting some beneficial minerals. Wanted to throw them in the sump and out of view, but decided to put them in the tank because they add a cool zen look.
Carl J.
Love these, after adding these into my neo tank there was a noticeable increase in successful molts. As a bonus I think they also make great little decorations, fun to watch the shrimp climb over them and graze over them.

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