GlasGarten Betaglucan +Immunglobulin - 50g

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Betaglucan +Immunglobulin

Complementary feed for aquarium-kept ornamental shrimps

Betaglucan in combination with Immunglobulin can strengthen your shrimps' immune system and improve their ability to fend off germs and noxious bacteria.

Used preventively, it increases the state of alertness of the shrimps' immune system. Thus, in the case of an immunological response, intruders can be fought off more efficiently and more rapidly.

The minerals and trace elements contained in this food support the shrimps' digestive tract and the microflora, the protein extracts containing immunoglobulin are, in addition, rich in natural vitamins.

Feeding suggestion (for 100 Liter)

• lowly stocked: twice a week 1/4 measuring spoon respectively*
• normally stocked: twice a week 1/2 measuring spoon respectively*
• highly stocked: twice a week 1 measuring spoon respectively*

We recommend a few hours before and after feeding give no other food,
in order to optimally exploit the effect of betaglucan.

* 1 measuring spoon = about 0.7g


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Robert f.
Its a once a week thing for me 2 if im feeling froggy after using this my crystal babies have had btr survival rates forsure!
Robert f.
Have had good amount pf babies survive since using this once a week love it