Ebi-Ken Sosei

$ 10.00

Ebi-Ken Sosei shrimp water conditioner is a highly dissolvable form of organic fulvic acid. It conditions the aquarium water to allow shrimp to thrive in a comfortable environment with soft acidic water. By providing a soft, slightly acidic environment, Sosei increases the survival rates of baby shrimps and may increase the rate in which adult shrimps breed. Most freshwater dwarf shrimp prefer the soft, slightly acidic conditions that Ebi-Ken Sosei helps to provide. In fact, without soft, slightly acidic water conditions, many shrimp will die. At the very least, breeding may slow or even stop, stagnating the colony and leading it towards a slow decline as adult shrimp pass away. Sosei creates a preferred environment increasing the survival rate of baby shrimp and provides the natural conditions in which shrimp breed.

With the softer water that Ebi-Ken Sosei shrimp water conditioner helps to create, Sosei shrimp water conditioner also promotes the growth of more luscious plants and enhances the root systems of plants and the longevity of active soils.

It is recommended that half a level spoonful of Ebi-Ken Sosei be used for ever 10-15 gallons of water and be dosed accordingly at every water change.

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