Ebi-Ken Shou

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Ebi-Ken Shou shrimp supplement is an amazing product that has antibacterial properties, releases trace minerals, absorbs harmful toxins, deodorizes water, and also functions as an active filtering media. By helping to purify your aquarium water, Shou spheres will improve the overall health and wellbeing of your shrimp and any other inhabitants of the aquarium. Harmful toxins can build up rapidly in an aquarium, especially in a highly stocked shrimp tank. Ebi-Ken Shou spheres help keep these toxins and impurities at safe levels between water changes. Ebi-Ken Shou shrimp supplement spheres also help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, further improving water quality. Ebi-Ken Shou shrimp supplement spheres also aid in eliminating the unpleasant "pond" smell that can become prevalent in older aquariums.

We recommend using Shou spheres in conjunction with Ebi-Ken Nagomi mineral balls.  Ebi-Ken Shou spheres contain zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium, and 20 other trace elements which, over a long period of time will slightly alter the TDS of your aquarium water.


Use 5 Ebi-Ken Shou (1 package) shrimp supplement spheres for every 10-15 gallons of water. Place the Shou spheres evenly spaced across the substrate.  This product lasts 2 years and does not require any maintenance.

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