Ebi-Ken Kou Yin

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Kou Yin, is a high quality old sea mud for shrimp tanks. This specific product is in powder form and can be used during the setup of a new tank or maintenance of a tank. It helps increase beneficial bacteria, bacterial activity, deodorize water, helps stabilize water, and improves water quality by removing toxins.
Use: When used for initial tank setups, sprinkle a thin layer before laying substrate. Half a spoonful every 10 gallons of water changed is more than sufficient. Keep in mind it is a powder and will dissolve quickly and raise TDS.
Ryan Hollihan
Good stuff! Simple instructions, dissolves quickly, and really did not effect my params much at all including TDS. Nice addition to any shrimp tank!
Mark Bromley
B-12 shot or something I will tell you this...Everytime I have added this product to my shrimps tanks....they all go nuts like as if I've added B-12 to the water or something. Granted I do see my shrimps out and about...but after this sea mud is added....zoooom zoooom all over the place. Another must have product in my opinion

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