Ebi-Ken Kou-Yang

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Ebi-Ken Kou-Yang (rock) shrimp mineral supplement is a calcium bentonite based mineral rock that has a very high composition of calcium. Invertebrates use calcium to help with molting and aid in the development of thicker, denser shells, and shinier, more vibrant whites. Kou-yang also acts as an area for shrimp and invertebrates to pick on for supplementary minerals.

We recommend using Ebi-Ken Kou-yang in conjunction with Shou and Nagomi to provide a complete, slow release mineral program for your shrimp and other invertebrates, reducing the need for expensive short term shrimp mineral supplements.


It is recommended that 10 grams of Ebi-Ken Kou-yang be used for every 10-20 gallons of water. For the best results, use a tooth brush to brush off the algae that grows on the surface of the Kou-yang mineral rocks once awhile to allow shrimp to graze on the rocks and to facilitate the release of trace minerals into the water column.