Ebi-Ken Han

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Han(繁) in Japanese means many/ in great numbers. This product contains many beneficial bacteria in dormant form along with a special mix of Fungi specifically for shrimp. This product is intended to be used in conjunction with Ei (栄). Both these products combined, "Han Ei" (繁栄) in Japanese means flourish. This product together is one of, if not the best combination of products for the highest possible survival and growth rate of shrimps (specifically tested with Crystal shrimp). When Han is used, you will see that the shrimps will all gather and continually pick at it and devour it until all is gone. They help with the digestive systems of the shrimps along with increasing its immune system.

Ebi-Ken Han is a concentrated formula of beneficial bacteria designed for use in shrimp tanks. It helps to mature new aquariums by seeding the substrate and filter of a new shrimp tank with bacteria. The specialized formula of Han is highly beneficial to both shrimp and plants, making it an excellent addition to the maintenance routine of your shrimp aquarium. Han enhances the growth, health, and survivability of plants and shrimp. We recommend using Han with Ei for best effect. Internal testing has shown a dramatic increase in the survival rates of baby shrimp when Han and Ei are used in conjuction with each other.

Mark Bromley
Awesome quality I've tried a few different types of foods out there for shrimps. But something about this product my shrimps loves and goes crazy the most over than anything else, even over the Shirakura Ebi Dama Soft (don't get me wrong, Dama Soft is an awesome product as well). I'm definitely keeping this food on hand for my shrimps.

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