Ebi-Ken Ei

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Ebi-Ken Ei is a very fine micro-organism and beneficial bacteria baby powder specifically formulated for enhanced growth of tiny shrimplets. When you use Ei you will see an increased survival rate of baby shrimps and an increase in the activity level of adult shrimps. Beneficial bacterial and micro-organism growth is enhanced, providing the necessary micro flora and micro fauna that invertebrates, especially baby shrimplets, need for proper development and growth. Shrimp graze on these micro-organisms constantly, and without an adequate supply, they may starve. This is one of the primary reasons for low survival rates in baby shrimplets. Ei helps you overcome this issue.

Use: half a spoon full twice a week. Can be used everyday at 1/4 a teaspoon a day.

This particular product does not have any adverse affect when accidentally overdosed.

Love this product Have been using this a few weeks now and the shrimp are loving it. Got the Ei / Han combo and am very pleased with the reaction of the shrimp when feeding. A little goes a long way, ...this stuff will last a long time. Thank you Eric!

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