DiscoBee UGF box

$ 28.00

These custom-made UGF boxes are one of the most popular techniques all around Asia.  They allow you to add an Under Gravel Filter with a large amount of filtration media for nitrifying bacteria.  Additional benefits include elevating plants that require a little more light and only having to add a very thin layer of soil around the rest of the tank.  This method is many many times better than any other Tupperware container options you see out there.

Each kit will include 5 sides, UGF plate, lift tube, plastic airstone, and a piece of mesh to place between your media of choice and soil.  

Acrylic glue is needed for DIY assembly. We recommend this one from Amazon. Weld-On 4 Acrylic Adhesive with applicator bottle and needle.

Directions: Glue side #1 to bottom, repeat with the following 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sides.  All sides will be glued on top of the bottom piece.  Each will be labeled for assembly.  Let dry for 48hrs to ensure the pieces are fully bonded. 

Dimensions 6x6x6 box. We do not assemble to save you money on shipping costs.


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