Discobee Advanced Complete Shrimp Tank Combo

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We put together our favorite must have advanced complete combo kit based off the products we love and use in all our shrimp tanks.

1.  SL-Aqua Blue Wizard (250ml) - The most popular and number one selling liquid GH mineral in the world! 

2.  SL-Aqua Magic Powder Food - Our favorite powder food to help ensure healthy shrimp and water quality. 100% GMO free!

3.  SL-Aqua TM-1 (250ml) - Improves shrimp immunity, increases spawning, greater growth and stronger colors.

4.  SL-Aqua Baby Food - 100% GMO free, smells clean and fresh, promotes shrimp grown naturally.

5.  Aqua Eden Green Food - Green Food will enhance coloration and shell thickness.

6.  Lowkeys Ebi Supple - Ebi Supple provides a well balanced meal, suitable as an every day food.

7.  Tantora Medium Catappa Leaves (Medium 10 pack) - Provides natural grazing source, also contain tannins and humic acids wich have beneficial properties including anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.