Aqualex Premium Enzyme & Mineral Bag

$ 14.99

Aqualex Premium Enzyme & Mineral Bag contains a combination of beneficial bacteria and minerals, for aquatic organisms, microbes, algae need ingredients and chitin.  Increase algae growth and keep survival of shrimp. Long-term use can stabilize water quality, maintaining the tank ecological environment. Keep shrimp health conditions, help digestion, protect the digestive tract, improve feed efficiency.
1. Enhance immunity and enhance the growth rate.
2. Improve the survival rate, strengthen microorganisms.
3. Help increase algae generated.
4. 100% Natural ingredients, no chemical additives. 100% GMO-Free
1. It is recommended to change a new packet every 7-10 days. 
2. It can be placed floated on the water surface or inside your tank. 
3. Bags will appearance of a layer of white biofilm, this is normal.
Each package comes with 12 tea bags in a zip lock bag.

  1. After 7-10 days you can remove the Enzyme & Mineral Bag
  2. It can be floated on the water surface or inside held down at the bottom of your tank.
  3. Shelf life: Approximately 6 months upon opening the product.
  4. Because it is so powerful, your TDS may raise slightly in smaller tanks. We recommend for 10 Gallons or less please soak the bag in a glass of tank water overnight.

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