Aqualex Premium Baby Shrimp Food

$ 17.99

Aqualex Premium Baby Shrimp Food is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, with additional algae, chitin, and unsaturated fatty acids, to promote shrimp growth, color, and breeding.  It comes in powder form which is suitable for your shrimplets as they have a problem fighting for food with the bigger shrimps. The food in a powder form can disperse in your tank which can be grabbed easily by your shrimplets, as such, it helps improve the growth of all your shrimplets.

Aqualex Baby food is packed with nutrients that can help shrimplets with molting issue which is the number one killer for shrimplets.

*store in a dry location 

Ingredients: Soybean meal, wheat germ, spirulina, vitamins, amino acids and additional trace minerals.

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