Aqua Eden Green Food - 30G Bag

$ 14.99

Green Food will enhance coloration and shell thickness gradually. Possible to feed alternately with essential food. 

  • Alfalfa.
  • Soybean powder.
  • Calcium.
  • Various Vitamins

Brian D.
My shrimp took to this food right away. They really seem to love it. This is my first time using this food, but so far, excellent results! Highly recommend!
Carl J.
After the success I've had with the Aqua Eden essentials had to give this a try, right away the PRL showed up for a nibble but the neo tank went wild for this food. They tore it apart and gobbled it down, it breaks down much faster than the essentials does allowing more shrimp to feed at the same time.
vince p.
My shrimp love it and Its very high quality.
Andrew W.
The first time I received this was in a sampler packet. I quickly had to purchase more! The second this stuff touched the water you could see shrimp from all ends of the tank come running over to devour this tasty treat. AE recommends feeding this alternately with their "Essential" food. Aqua Eden hit it out of the park with this stuff!

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