Aqua Eden Fulvo Ball - 50G Bag

$ 16.99

Fulvo Ball will adjust to the ideal PH and GH suitable for dwarf shrimps. Fulvo Ball is rich in natural nutrition, will greatly enhance the rate of shrimps getting berried and their overall health, as well as plants. Contains a very high level of nutrients with natural fulvic acid blending to further ensure good tank parameters and water conditions. During the set up, add 50g of Fulvo Ball in between the substrate to greatly improve water quality to be rich of nutrients. Periodically (every 1 month) adding 10g of Fulvo Ball will enable maintenance of good water conditions. Directions are for 15-20G tanks.

  • Humic acid substance.
  • Organic matter 59%.
  • Fulvic acid 76%.
  • Moisture 20%.
  • CEC : Cation Exchange Capacity 20meq/100g over.
Brian D.
Great product!

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