3D Printed Plant Ledge

$ 2.00 $ 4.00

The original, much copied, and still the best 3D Printed Plant Ledges, superior to other types of ledges available because they are stronger and don't flex under the weight of large portions of moss or big clumps of Buce that have grown out.  These ledges also come with an much stronger and larger suction cup vs. other ledges available.  Adds another dimension for placing plants within a tank. An added benefit for shrimp tanks is the shrimp love to hang out under the ledge, provides a place for them to feel safe!

Installation technique - Push the center of the superior suction cup with your finger. This will insure no pressure is being put on the elbow.

Elevate Shrimp Products are made with aquarium safe PLA plastics. PLA (Polylactic Acid) is an organic plastic derived from corn and other plant starches.

John Oxner
3D Plant Ledges I purchased a few of these a while back and forgot I had them. Found them today and decided to put either Anubias Nana or Christmas Moss on them. Once done I put them into a couple of my tanks. Should have done it as soon as I got them. Twenty Thumbs Up. The ledges are packed with one or the other but don't bend under the weight, and look super cool in my tanks. I will be buying more SOON!
John C.
Great moss ledges with a crazy strong suction cup. They even work well for plants like anubias!
John O.
Eric was kind enough to fill my order for these shelves, and then double it for free. I love the shelves and how they look in my tank. The only reason I have to rate them as a three rather than a five is that half of what I received have had the pinions that slip into the suction cup and are fused to the shelves have broken off, two while in my tank simply holding plants and not touched by human hands since being stuck to the glass of those tanks. Another broke in my hand as I was trying to sew another plant on it. Again, the aesthetics of the shelves with plants sewn on inside the tank is really cool. Hoping the flaw has been noted and a solution put in place as the shelves are a great addition to the look of any tank.
Jill W.
I haven't attached moss yet, but the suction on these is strong.
mike s.
I like tje moss ledges. I will defiantly buy more in the future great product
John E.
These moss ledges are of great quality! Very sturdy and the suction cups are some of the best I have seen, or used. These are great for adding another dimension to the The tank, and the shrimp appreciate anything thing you grow on them. In my case flame moss is growing on these. Again, it is a great product and I would not hesistate to purchase for my other shrimp tanks.

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