About Us

DiscoBee, is a world renowned premium lifestyle brand.  We pride ourselves on carrying only the highest quality brands that meet our high level of requirements.

We became dwarf shrimp enthusiast around 2008 when we were exposed to them while maintaining multiple high tech planted aquariums.

During the following years finding the highest quality dwarf shrimp products within the USA was very challenging.  This is why we created our premium lifestyle brand.  

We maintain close friendships with the most well know people within the global community, this has really helped us learn how to succeed with dwarf shrimp keeping.  We would like to share this very same information with as many people as we can, both experienced and new to the hobby.

Discobee.com has become the central spot for all things dwarf shrimp.

Please check out the blog often. This will be where we share information and links to help us all grow together.