Aqualex Premium Natural Planaria Remover

$ 16.99

Aqualex Premium Natural Planaria Remover is made from herbs extract that can eradicate planaria in your shrimp tank without harming your shrimps, fishes, and plants.

1. There is measuring spoon inside, add 2 spoons in 50L of water. 
2. It will take a week for a treatment cycle. Do not change water during the cycle. 
3. If there are any planaria or hydra left, redo the treatment.


When planaria and hydra are killed, their body will curl up and remain in the tank. A large number of dead bodies could lead to water cloudy. Please change 50% of water to maintain the environment.

Caution: Planaria Remover might wipe out ornamental snails. Please remove them before the treatment.

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