Aqualex Premium Vegetable Shrimp Food

$ 13.99

Aqualex Premium Vegetable Shrimp Food is made with only 100% natural ingredients that can help with the growth of your shrimp. It has been carefully researched and produced with stringent checks to maintain the quality of the product.

Like all Aqualex Premium foods, the food holds its shape well and does not crumble to pieces easily which will cause your water to be polluted quickly.

*store in a dry location.

 Natural ingredients, no chemical additives. Shrimp Wholemeal, Wheat Protein, Maize, Soybeans, Pumpkin, Kelp, Rice Bran, Green-lipped, Mulberry, Palm Oil, Dunaliella Salina, Astaxanthin, Spinach, Chlorella, Minerals, Vitamins 100% GMO-Free

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