Aqualex Premium Dark Extract

$ 29.99

Simulating water properties of a tropical rainforest to form a buffering system, Dark Extract can reduce the impact of carbon dioxide on pH levels to stabilize water quality. With chelation, heavy metal ions will be removed.

Aqualex Premium Dark Extract can also enhance the effectivity of minerals, improve metabolism, protect the shell, defend from viruses, inhibit bad bacterial reproduction and brighten overall shell colors.

Aqualex Premium Dark Extract’s multivitamins are easily absorbed by the shrimp, specifically added to improve shrimp’s overall health and help keep them safer while molting. Simultaneously, adding these multivitamins stimulate the shrimp’s hormones and increase breeding rates.

1. Shake well before using.
2. Add 5-10 mL per 20 liters of after a water change.

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