Aqualex Premium Black Soil

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Aqualex Premium Black Soil is made in Japan and is suitable for your fish, shrimp or planted tank. It has been carefully researched to maintain it’s high quality. It does not break down easily and is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Aqualex Premium Black Soil can help buffer your water pH level to pH 6.6 or lower and have a soil lifespan of approx 18 months. Aqualex Premium Black Soil is also packed with nutrients that will benefit your live stocks and plants!

1. Do not rinse or wash before using. 
2. Spread this product at the bottom of the tank and level the surface carefully. 
3. Fill the tank slowly and disperse water to avoid disturbing the substrate.

How much soil do I need?

Length x Width x Desired Substrate Height (in inches) Divided by 60 = Liters of soil needed.

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