Silane Shrimp showed us his way on how to make effective and beneficial Microorganism for your shrimps tanks. It works as well on fish and any aquarium you need microorganism to work on with fast effect and responses.

Silane Shrimp Effective Microorganism "SEMO" cleans the water, breaks down waste, increases tank density, increases survival rates and even provides nutrients for shrimp.  The cost involved in making "SEMO" is very very low and you will be surprised by its effectiveness.

You need:
1) Mosura BT-9, 1 household teaspoon (flat)
2) Mosura Richwater, 2 household tablespoon (flat), optional
3) White Sugar or unrefined sugar, 4 household tablespoon (flat)
4) 1 squeeze bottle, 400ml to 500ml
5) Boiling water
6) Measuring Spoon or Tablespoon and teaspoon.

 Variations: Mosura Richwater is optional, a smaller portion can be used, but this provides microelements and nutrients for the growth of microorganisms. 1 household teaspoon of Mosura BT-9 can be used to mix with up to 1000ml of water.  Recommended maximum amount of Mosura BT-9 is 1 household teaspoon (flat) to 1 litre of water, if you make more then 2 litres, use 2 flat teaspoons.  For sugar, it is recommended to use 4 flat tablespoons of sugar for every 500ml of water.  If you do not add Richwater, it will be clear solution.

The below instruction is for making 500ml of "SEMO". 

  1. Boil a kettle of water. If your area uses chloramine in tap water, I would advise you to, dechlorinated water, bottled distilled or mineral water or RO water.
  2. Scoop 2 tablespoon of Mosura Richwater and put into the squeeze bottle.
  3. Scoop 4 tablespoon of sugar and put into the squeeze bottle.
  4. Pour about 500ml of boiling water into the squeeze bottle. Leave about 1 to 2cm of bottle unfilled. 
  5. Leave the Richwater solution to allow the temperature to drop to ambient temperature. 
  6. Scoop 1 teapsoon of Mosura BT-9 into the solution. 
  7. Tighten the cap and turn the bottle a few times, not shake, to help dissolve of sugar better and mix BT-9 better.  
  8. Leave the bottle in dark place in your shrimp room for 2 weeks at summer and for 1 month if winter. Bloating of bottle should occur and it is normal. If there is bloating, release the air by opening up the noozle or cap slight before turning the bottle upside down.
  9. Turn the bottle upside down twice every 2 to 4 days, not shaking it.

Tank setup: 100ml of "SEMO" for every 25G of tank water
After water change: 10ml for 25G of water
Weekly maintenance without water change: 5ml for 25G of water.

Daily use is not necessary as microorganism in "SEMO" can survive in your tank water for days or perhaps weeks as the mixture solution offer food to bacteria and wastes in your tank is another source of food for the added microorganism to survive.

Of course, you can adjust the amount accordingly to your water condition.
For those heavy use, you can make larger amounts like we did.
In cool weather/temperatures, the mixture can be used for 12 to 15months. In hot weather, the bottle can be used up to 6 to 9 months.


*photo credit to Silane Shrimp.


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