Cycling a dwarf shrimp tank the easy SL-Aqua way! May 13 2015, 0 Comments

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    1. Lightly sprinkle SL-Aqua Magic Powder evenly across the surface of your substrate.
    2. Fill with just enough RO water to just cover the substrate only.
    3. Add SL-Aqua Purify over the Magic Powder and substrate. ~20ml per gallon of water added in step #2.
    4. Wait 24 - 48hrs for the Purify and Magic Powder to seed the substrate with healthy bacteria.
    5. After 24 - 48hrs then fill the rest of the tank with RO and turn on sponge filters or other filters, add heater set to 86F during cycling only.
    6. In about a week or so you will start to see a nice layer of bacteria everywhere, especially on the substrate.
    7. After 10-15 days dose an additional amount of Purify, 10ml per gallon of water.
    8. Around approximately day 30 or so the bacteria layer may start to clear up and the water will begin to become nice and clear. It's ok for some of the bacteria to remain present, the shrimp will feast on it!
    9. Perform a 50% RO water change and adjust GH using SL-Aqua Blue Wizard to desired GH range. 
    10. Acclimatize and add your beautiful shrimp.
    11. Dose with SL-Aqua TM-1 to ensure trace elements, shrimp immunity, increases spawning, greater growth, stronger color, and also increases the ability of plants to absorb nutrients

*Add SL-Aqua Shrimp Safe Bing Tsau Plant Fertilizer every 2-3 days after step #6 to increase the growth speed of nitrifying algae.


Photos from satisfied clients using the super easy SL-Aqua Cycling Method.

Notice the shrimp feasting on the bacteria!