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  1. Jeannette Kowalski

    I have a 5 gallon tank that’s been running for at least 2 years. I have cherry, fire red and orange blonde tigers in it. The parameters are: ph 7.0 temp 76 F kh 0 and gh of at least 12-18…it’s off the color chart to measure.

    The cherry and fires have difficulty molting and die when trying to molt or right after a molt. Obviously the gh is far too high for them, but there seems to be no way to correct the parameters. The ph is steady, but if I try to lower the gh—the kh lowers (it’s already at 0) and if I try to increase the kh the gh rises. I was going to put a cuttlebone in the water for more calcium and scraped some of the cuttlebone powder in the water which drastically lowered the gh, no effect on anything else as far as kh or ph, but it only lasted a few hours.
    I thought calcium would INCREASE the gh, so I took out the cuttlebone. How do I solve this problem?? I am truly at a loss as to how to correct this without getting ro water which will throw everything out of whack since it is such a small tank.

  2. Very new to this. I believe that I have my tank cycled as described, I have a API test kit and a TDS hand held meter. My Nitrate and Nitrire readings are zero. pH is 6.5 and Ammonia is less than .2. I still do not know what a GH or KH reading is?
    Do I need more testing kits? Also when I put my TDS meter in the water I get a reading of about 80, but if I more it back and forth, it will be about 150? What am I doing wrong or right? Dan Mueller

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