Bee Shrimp Grading charts, photos, graphs and other helpful information.  We will add to this from time to time as we run across any helpful info. please feel free to let us know if you find anything that would help others.


Here is one of the most referenced Caridina flow charts around. Its generally pretty helpful, but is a few years old and could use some more updates. Credit goes to for creating it.

 full res image -


Next few are from the very popular AUS they are turning out some very nice charts lately. Please support their forum. 

The first one is super helpful to those that want to learn to identify their Crystal Red Shrimp. Also applies to their Crystal Black Shrimp.

 full res image -

Now that you've identified your grade, this chart will help you identify the quality of the grade and if you want to improve your line which to cull and which to keep.  

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